I’m Deb Oskin, and I provide Tax Return Preparation, Audit Representation, and Ohio Notary Services for individuals. I have particular expertise with the complex rules regarding tax returns for Clergy, Small (Schedule C) Businesses, and Trusts and Estates.

I'm also available for Speaking Engagements, especially on Clergy Tax topics.

And I offer Free Consultations, so you can decide whether you want me to help you with your tax issue without any fee. It doesn't matter where you are: with today's technology, you and I are not limited by geography.


I'm Deb Oskin, and I'm a “solo-preneur.” You've heard of “mom and pop” businesses, right? Well, I'm the “mom” without the “pop.”

After 12 years with H&R Block, I decided to step out on my own. Block was a great training ground. While I was there, I reached their highest level of tax expertise (“Master Tax Advisor”) and teaching expertise (“Certified Advanced Instructor”). My years at the Premium Office vastly expanded my tax knowledge and audit experience, because the most complex clients came to my desk.

I've also got tax preparation in my blood:
  • My grandmother prepared my very first tax return for me and worked as an accountant for the City of New York many many years ago...
  • Her son, my father, was a mechanical engineer who wrote his own computer tax program in the 1980s and volunteered as a tax preparer for the VITA program...
Which makes me a third-generation tax preparer! 


My husband and I are entrepreneurial spirits, and have had a few Sole Proprietorships (including this one) in our 30 years of marriage. So I learned how to do Schedule C returns early on. I love working with Sole Proprietors because they are really creative people—both in business and (sometimes, unfortunately!) with their taxes.

Then my husband became a Pastor and I learned how to do Clergy Tax returns... the hard way. That first year he was in ministry it took every penny we had to pay our Self-Employment Tax. That was one of the worst moments in my life: I felt like I had failed my family by not being prepared for Tax Day.

As my husband moved from Pastoral to Hospital Ministry (he's now a CPE Supervisor), I found that every employer had a different idea about how he should be paid, and how his pay should be reported. W-2s, 1099-MISCs, letters from his employer (!), we saw it all. It was pretty challenging to correctly apply Clergy Tax Law to incorrectly reported income.

And then, soon after I started working for H&R Block, I realized that I had completed 2 years of tax returns incorrectly! Amending those returns (and paying the Self-Employment Tax that I had—oops!—forgotten) resulted in another significant Tax Bill. I'm confident that I know as much as (and sometimes more than) the IRS about Clergy Tax Law. Let's just say... I've paid for my education.

I don't want anyone else to be surprised at tax time.

For the past several years I've been traveling to my denomination's Seminary in February to give an all-day seminar on Clergy Tax to these Seminarians. These talks have expanded to other faiths, other venues, and other audiences, including active Clergy, their spouses, and Congregational Treasurers and others in church leadership. I’m also very proud to be a Dale Carnegie graduate of both High Impact Presentations and the Dale Carnegie Immersion Seminar!

Call me and I'll come speak to your group: 614.329.2966 or Deb@OskinTax.com. I promise you won’t regret it!

By now you should be able to tell that I have a special place in my heart for Clergy and Sole Proprietors. They're my favorite folks—especially since I am them: both Clergy (ordained in 2004) and a Sole Proprietor (since 2011)!

But seriously: I really mean it when I say
“people come first.” Despite what you may think about tax preparation, this is a people business. I truly treasure the friendships I have built with my clients over the years. And I sincerely hope you’ll give me the opportunity to get to know you!


I know trusting someone else with all the messy details of your life can be scary. Let's talk. I offer Free Consultations, so there's no risk to you to meet me and find out how I can make tax time less stressful for you. And with today’s technology, I can help you no matter where in the U.S.A. you may be. (My Tax Preparation Engagement Letter can be found on the next page.)


You’ve gotten that letter in the mail...

You already know that I've lived the Clergy and Sole Proprietor life, and I’m an expert in the Tax Laws surrounding these vocations. This expertise is invaluable not only when preparing tax returns, but also in defending tax returns if they are audited.

The IRS is pretty interested these days in Schedule C Businesses as a source of unreported income. I've successfully handled many of these audits for my clients. I’m not limited, however, by the issues under audit: I can represent you regardless of what’s being audited by who (IRS, state, or city).

Not every tax preparer is permitted to represent clients at audit. In order to become an Enrolled Agent (EA), I had to pass a series of examinations to demonstrate my competency with the entire tax code. This familiarity allows me to represent many different kinds of clients with many different kinds of issues (not just Clergy and Sole Proprietors).

  • “An enrolled agent (EA) is a federally-authorized tax practitioner who has technical expertise in the field of taxation and who is empowered by the U.S. Department of the Treasury to represent taxpayers before all administrative levels—examination, collection, and appeals—of the Internal Revenue Service. In addition to taxpayer representation, enrolled agents often provide tax consultation services and prepare a wide range of federal and state tax returns.” [From NAEA.org (2013): Becoming An Enrolled Agent FAQs.]

But even that was not enough. I needed more expertise to do the best job I could to represent clients under audit. After three years of intensive training, I earned the distinction of becoming a Fellow of the
National Tax Practice Institute in 2011. I’m currently working toward becoming a Certified Tax Resolution Specialist—I’ll let you know when I complete that process.

Anyway, I’m pretty confident I can help you with
that letter. Give me a call! (My Audit Representation Engagement Letter can be found on the next page.)


Call me at 614.329.2966 or email me at Deb@OskinTax.com
for a risk-free consultation.

And check out my
Comprehensive Income Tax Checklist on the next page!


  • My LinkedIn profile functions as an up-to-date resume. And scrolling through my activities over the past (*cough*) 35 years should give you a good idea of who I am.